Statistical Physics Exercise Class

L2P (lernraum)

Group 10: Fridays 10:15-11:45 Ahornstr. 55, (5)052 (EG, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Strasse)
First Tutorial: 2013-10-25
Last Tutorial: 2014-02-07
Tutor: Jory Sonneveld
Email: sonneveld@physik.rwth-aachen.de
Office: Physikzentrum 28A413

For announcements, please see below.

Please note:

In order to be able to attend the exam you need to obtain at least 50 % of the points for the exercises.


Grades are to be posted here (student numbers only, with your permission only):
Please write an email or ask in the exercise class if you want your grades to be added/removed. After the end of the course, the grades will be removed.

Uncollected sheets

If you would like me to bring any sheets from missed exercise classes, please let me know before the Friday that you intend to attend and I will bring them along.
You can also pick up any previous sheets at my office at the Physikzentrum in 28A413.

Additional help

For older exams to practice with, please ask the Fachschaft Physik/Informatik/Mathematik. See also the opening hours of the Fachschaft.
Here and here you can find exams of different statistical physics courses (from Utrecht) that could be of help; specifically, note the exams ('tentamen') with a solution ('uitwerking'). Note that these courses may cover different material than this course.
Suggestion for help/questions: rwth-physiker.de (Forum)
Suggestions for additional reading: Kittel and Kroemer (quite accessible), Landau and Lifshitz (quite formal), Blundell and Blundell (quite basic).

Additional reading

Application of thermodynamics to black holes

Announcements (subject to change!):

February 7th: Last exercise class before the exam (February 8th!). Session for questions only on sheet 13 but also any other questions about the semester's material. To compensate for not discussing sheet 13 elaborately, the solutions will be made available available around February 2nd in the L2P.

January 24th: No exercise class. The sheets will be checked and given back a week later (or can be picked up) and the solution will be made in L2P. Questions about this sheet can be asked in the next exercise class.

Week 7, ex. 3 c):Please note there is a mistake in this exercise: the concentration of dioxygen (O_2) cannot be kept constant while the temperature and pressure are kept constant (indeed the concentration of ozone cannot be greater than one). December 13th: There will be a substitute for this group. On this day, the evaluation will also take place. Please remember to evaluate me and not the substitute.

December 6th: The exercise class will take place in a different room and building , namely in 26C401 in the Physikzentrum, due to the Tag der Informatik that will take place and use our usual room that day.

Make sure your answers have a logical structure and that you give references or proofs of formulas that you use. Please try to answer compactly formulated problems as well as you can with a physically well-supported answer. This means you should be explicit (with computations) where you (the physicist) think this is necessary.

November 1st: No exercise class: All Saints Day (holiday). Solutions to exercise 1 will not be discussed but will most likely be made available.

October 25th: First exercise class; exercise sheet zero will be solved and discussed in the exercise class. Please consult pages 15 and 17 of the script for the Gibbs-Duhem relation and the integrability condition, respectively.

Master solutions of selected exercises: Please check L2P regularly for announcements and posts. Master solutions to selected exercises could sometimes be posted or updated there without email notifications.

Here you can find a schedule of other groups and their locations.
The other English group:
Group 3: 10:15 RS105