University of Hamburg
Particle Physics & Detector Development, Institute of Experimental Physics

Physics campus Bahrenfeld, Building 68, room 119
Luruper Chaussee 149
D-22761 Hamburg, Germany

Jory Sonneveld

I am a postdoc at the University of Hamburg. I currently work on CMS pixel operations, monitoring the CMS tracker detector, and participate in test beam studies.

Research Interests

Particle physics at colliders, silicon detectors, tracking systems, monitoring and modeling of radiation damage, the phenomenology of the Standard Model and beyond.


Universität Hamburg:
Fall 2016: Tutor for Kern- und Teilchenphysik

Spring 2016: Tutor for Elektromagnetismus und Optik

RWTH Aachen University:
Fall 2014: Tutor for Electrodynamics - Theoretische Fysik II

Spring 2013: Tutor for Quantum Mechanics - Theoretische Fysik III

Fall 2013: Tutor for Statistical Physics - Theoretische Fysik IV


You are very welcome to start a project in our group!

Previously I worked on these projects:
Thermal measurements and characterizations for the CMS phase-1 barrel pixel detector with evaporative CO2 cooling system, Max Rauch, RWTH Aachen, 2020, PhD Thesis
Development of the OMDS Population Modules, Judita Beinortaite, CERN, 2019, Summer Student Project
Adding resources to OMS, Al DePope, CERN, 2019, Summer Student Project
Study of the failure of the DC-DC converters of the CMS pixel detector, Thenia Prousalidi, NTU Athens, 2020, Master Thesis
Evolution of silicon sensor parameters of the CMS tracker due to continuous irradiation during operation - Julia Hunt, CERN/Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology, 2018, Master Thesis
Precise jet measurements and search for supersymmetric particles with the CMS experiment - Marek Niedziela, Universität Hamburg, 2018, PhD Thesis
Identifying signatures of and designing searches for unexplored SUSY models with the CMS detector - Malte Mrowietz, Universität Hamburg, April 2018, Master Thesis
Search for Supersymmetric Particles from VFB-like processes with two Tau-Leptons with same sign charges at CMS - Daniele Marconi, Universität Hamburg, 2018, PhD Thesis
Multivariate Analysetechniken zur Supersymmetriesuche am LHC - Phuoc Thien Le, Universität Hamburg, September 2016, Bachelor Thesis
Implementation und Validierung von Ausschlussgrenzen auf Supersymmetrie in Fittino, Nanette Range, University of Bonn, July 2015, Bachelor Thesis
Neutrino Physics at the LHC - Laura Friedeheim, RWTH Aachen University, August 2013, Bachelor Thesis

Selected presentations

The CMS Pixel Detector: Ready for the future? , 7th KSETA Plenary Workshop 2020, Durbach, 2020-02-21
The CMS Pixel Detector for the High Luminosity LHC , TREDI2020, Vienna, 2020-02-17
Detector Technologies: a brief overview , NVV Profielwerkstukreis, CERN, 2019-10-11, also given at Dutch Language Teacher Program at CERN, 2019-09-27
CMS pixel sensors and modules: lessons learned and the road ahead , 12th Terascale Detector Workshop, Dresden, 2019-03-14
Radiation effects in the CMS phase 1 pixel detector, 14th "Trento" Workshop on Advanced Silicon Radiation Detectors, Trento, 2019-02-25
Silicon radiation damage at the LHC experiments, Radiation effects in the LHC experiments and impact on performance, CERN, 2019-02-11
SUSY Highlights -- Current results and future prospects, Rencontres du Vietnam, Qui Nhon, Vietnam, 2018-08-07
Searches for physics beyond the standard model at the LHC, African conference of physics, Windhoek, Namibia, 2018-06-26
Commissioning and first results from the CMS phase-1 upgrade pixel detector , Vertex2017, Asturias, 2017-09-10
Limit setting and statistics The first MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting, Korea, 2017-08-21


This can be viewed on inspire and


I am convener of the tracker monitoring group and deputy pixel operations and technical field manager on the CMS experiment.

I was also one of the organizers of the Graduate School Seminar in Aachen.


I am guide at CMS. I also presented "Searches for physics beyond the standard model at the LHC" at the African conference of physics and wrote small blogpost about my work in Aachen. See also posts on extracting and upgrading the CMS pixel detector to get a glimpse of our work in operating the detector closest to the collisions inside CMS.


Simplified models and the interpretation of supersymmetry searches RWTH Aachen, 2015-12-20 (img) (src)
Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking: Generating Masses Dynamically NIKHEF Theory Group and Utrecht University, 2012-07-06 (img) (src)
Chromatin and Genetic Differences - When is DNA read? Utrecht University and Leiden University, 2009-07-25 (src)
Study of Signal-to-Background Ratio of Reconstructed Neutral Pions from p+p Collisions at √s = 200 GeV Institute of Subatomic Physics, Utrecht University, 2009-07-24 (src)


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