Quantum Mechanics Group 3

Group 3: Fridays 14:00 SG 202
Tutor: Jory Sonneveld
Email: sonneveld@physik.rwth-aachen.de
Office: Physikzentrum 28A413

Please note:

In order to be able to attend the exam you need
1) to obtain at least 50 % of the points for the exercises;
2) to present at least one exercise in the tutorial.


You can find grades here: Grades
Please write an email or ask in the tutorial if you want your grades to be added/removed.

Uncollected sheets

If you would like me to bring any sheets from missed tutorials, please let me know before the Friday that you intend to attend and I will bring them along.
You can also pick up any previous sheets at my office at the Physikzentrum in 28A413.

Additional help

For older exams to practice with, please ask the Fachschaft Physik/Informatik/Mathematik.
Here and here you can find exams of different quantum mechanics courses (from Utrecht) that could be of help; specifically, note the exams ('tentamen') with a solution ('uitwerking').
Suggestion for help/questions: rwth-physiker.de (Forum)
Suggestions for additional reading: Griffiths (introduction), Weinberg's Lectures (more advanced)


Bonus points week 13: In the last week (on sheet 13) 19 bonus points can be obtained.

Master solutions of selected exercises: Please check L2P regularly for master solutions to selected exercises. No emails are sent when these are posted or updated on L2P.

Bonus sheets 8 & 9:The master solutions of the bonus exercises of sheets 8 and 9 have been or will be made available in L2P.

June 14th: An evaluation will take place most likely during the tutorial on June 14th. Please come and take the time to complete an evaluation form before you leave the tutorial.

June 7th: Note that because I am absent a few days that week, exercise sheet 7 will be corrected by a tutor from another group, but you will get it back in our own tutorial of group 3. The tutorial of June 7th will take place as usual and I will be present myself. Do not put another group on the sheet you hand in; the sheets will be distributed according to other tutors' workloads.

May 10th: No tutorial group 3. Please choose:
1) Another tutorial group (English or German)*. Put for May 7th (U. 4) both group 3 and the group of your choice on your exercise sheet.
2) No tutorial group. Put only group 3 on the exercise sheet for May 7th (U. 4); it will be checked by May 14th.

*) Other English groups:
Group 9: 15:45 kl Phys
Group 5: 14:00 SG422